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    Maple Leaf International College
    Maple Leaf International College established in August, 2011, which is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our school was founded by principal Jade Wang, who is the Vice President of the Canadian International Education Services Center, director of Winnipeg Chinese Culture Center, and the senior editor of the magazine “Manitoba Chinese Tribune”. As the first professional IELTS training school in Manitoba, our purpose is to help international students to improve their English skills to enroll into universities or colleges in Canada.
    There is an outstanding teaching group in our school. Our English language instructors are qualified and experienced professionals with certified English teaching credentials. Most of them are the IELTS test examiners in Winnipeg testing location, combines with instructor who was the trainer of Test for English Majors-Band 8 in china. On the other hand, all of the teaching assistants are well trained and got lots of experience on teaching English in Canada, some of them used to get 7 points in IELTS test, even more than 7.5 points in each individual subject.
    Based on different students’ situation, MLIC opens up the full-time IELTS vantage class, and the full-time IELTS higher class. In order to follow up each student’s learning schedule, we offer a free IELTS mock test at the end of each month. There are some other special programs in our school, such as the One to One training program, IELTS skills program, and test-taking strategies that you need to score well on the exam.
    Our friendly and helpful instructors will be focused on your goals. We highly invest in keeping our school modern and comfortable for you. We believe that you will achieve your academic goal quickly under the best learning atmosphere that our school provides to you.

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